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Candles are great to have all year round. During the holiday months and in the winter, they gain popularity, however a nice smelling candle in your home is always a welcome experience.

Candle smells

Before you get into the candle business it is important that you have a great smell and throw. This is achieved by first coming up with a great scent through a candle fragrance lab.

When we smell a candle, we start to trigger memoires, emotions and other chemical reactions that make us happy. If we have a bad or fowl smelling candle, we will have an opposite reaction.

Color and appearance

When designing your candles, you don’t just want them in a glass jar. You want to take some time and create an attractive packaging for them. Many people will also want to display their candles in their home and not burn them. So, creating a great packaging or presentation will help get you noticed.

candle fragrance lab

When making candles, there are many different molds that you can use. Some of the most popular and easiest to find is a wide mouth jar. These jars have a very pretty appeal, especially when you start with one candle to see if it sells.

Other molds that work great for this purpose are coffee cans or round shaped containers.

If you decide to use a wax that is colored, the color will come through on your candles. If you want your candles in a very bright or plain candle shape, white wax would be best.

Before you get started making and selling them there are some great things to think about. These include the following:

1) Retailers will only pay for what is called FOB pricing. They may not even want you to ship the product so you have to figure out how much it will cost to deliver them from your location.

2) When producing candles, make sure that they are made in a sanitary environment. You don’t want any foreign matter or debris ending up in your candle containers. This will kill sales!

3) Candle making is not a “free ride” as you have to put in many hours and lots of hard work into it. If this doesn’t seem like something that will benefit or interest you, then don’t do it. However, if you take the time and stick with them, you will notice a great increase in sales and profits. There are many people who actually enjoy this work.

4) You have to promote your candle business online, locally and privately to see the growth that you desire. If you don’t promote your candles, it is highly unlikely that anyone will want them or even know about them.