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You want to have clean floors. If people walk into your home or your office and see that your floors area mess, they will think twice about doing business with you. For many people, they will get a lot of traffic in their areas so trying to keep up with cleaning can be a chore. Many will turn to commercial floor cleaning services in Salt Lake City to ensure that our floors are always looking their best.

Tip #1 – not all cleaning firms are created equal.

When you work with a commercial floor cleaning company, there are some things that you want to look out for when it comes to the quality of their service and the pricing. First off, make sure that they provide a free estimate on how long the job will take and what it will cost before you hire their service. There are some who will give a low estimate so that they can get the job, then end up charging you double or triple when it comes to the final bill. The best thing to do is shop around and find out what their price per square foot is for doing this work before you hire them.

Tip #2 – make sure that the service cleans all of your floors.

There are some companies who have a specialty when it comes to cleaning upholstery, while others will clean hard wood or hard tile.  When you hire their service, make sure that they cover everything. You don’t want one type of flooring being cleaned better than the other.

Tip #3 – check to see if their cleaning company is certified and insured.

commercial floor cleaning services in Salt Lake City

While this is not a must, you don’t have anything to lose by making sure that the floor cleaners who come out to your place of business or home are trained, certified professionals who will clean your floors properly while protecting them at the same time.